Do you know these safe ways to ride?

March 16, 2022

Better weather means getting back out on the open road. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or have one in your life, you know it’s time to start riding again.

But even the most experienced biker knows that one wrong turn could mean big problems. Everything is more on a motorcycle - more fun and more dangerous.

Luckily, a few easy to remember tips can help keep you or your loved one much safer while enjoying the wind in your face and the scenery rolling by.

Check out these easy tips and ride with confidence: 

  • Be hard headed — No matter where you live, you need a helmet. They reduce the risk of head injury by a whopping 69%. It’s a no-brainer.
  • Newbies beware — Over 50% of all motorcycle accidents involve new riders (less than six months experience). There’s no shame in slowing down and learning.
  • Plan your ride — Sudden storms can mean big trouble. So can unknown roads with curves or loose gravel. Plan ahead so that you know what you’re riding into.
  • You MUST be sober to ride — No one should drink and drive, and that goes for bikes too. Almost half of all motorcycle deaths include alcohol.

Being safe doesn’t mean being uncool. Whether you look like a ninja on your Ninja or a Terminator on your Harley, being careful can mean you enjoy your bike for a long time to come.