Emergency Services: Fire & EMS

Emergency Service Organizations make it their business to help people in some of the worst times. With that job comes a unique set of Risks, Challenges, and Responsibilities.

Garringer Insurance fully understands that, which is why we offer an insurance program designed specifically for Emergency Service Organizations and their overall risk. Our program includes, best in class coverage, knowledgeable advisors, and resources that are all designed specifically for Emergency Services in mind. 

What kind of coverages do Emergency Services Organizations need to consider?

General Liability: This is one of the primary coverages for any oranization. This provides protection against property damages, or bodily injury that you are found responsible for.

Property Coverage: This coverage can protect from damages to structures and equipment that are key to your operations. Common things to consider are:

- Buildings (stations or offices)

- Business Personal Property in your buildings.

- Business income/ Extra Expense.

Errors & Omissions: As an emergency service organization you are expected to hold a level of professionalism and knowledge in your field. This coverage protects against incidents that may come from your normal firefighting and emergency service operations. Examples of claims could be: Arriving too late to an emergency scene, Failing to respond with adquate equipment, failing to save a victim

Directors & Officers: These claims can take many forms, but this considers protection for your board of directors for suits brought against them.

Automobile Coverage: This coverage addresses typical risks associated for your apparatus such as: Liability, Uninsured Motorist, Personal Injury Protection, Physical Damage to apparatus, Rental costs, and Roadside assistance.

Portable Equipment: Portable Equipment coverage applies to property that you normally use away from your premises. This includes gear used for firefighting, rescue, training, and community awareness and education. Examples are: Turnout Gear, SCBA, Tools, EMS kits, and more.

Umbrella Liability: This coverage is designed to provide extra limits of liability coverages for your underlying coverages (IE: Automobile liability, General liability)

What additional items should Emergency Service Organization consider in their overall risk?

Our Emergency Services Insurance Program is designed to offer knowledge and resources for more than just insurance. Here are some of the additional resources available in our program:

  • Online training platform, and class curriculums designed specifically for your industry including EMS CE Credits.
  • Safety specialist, and Risk Management services.
  • Organization development including SOG/SOP templates and checklists
  • Human Resources expertise, training, templates, and compliance.
  • Claims responsiveness
  • Tailored coverage
  • Knowledgeable agents

Why we're different

At Garringer Insurance, the goal we are trying to achieve through our Emergency Services insurance Program is to allow organizations leverage the funds they are already spending on JUST insurance, to get more that just an insurance policy, but a full Insurance and Risk Program. The resources in our program includes Professional expertise in Insurance and Emergency Services, Operational and Human Resource training options, Human resource and compliance tools, Safety and operational resources, and more. 

The resources that make up this program are meant to potentially reduce or eliminate your overall risks as well as outside costs you may be currently spending on these items.

Contact us to see how our Emergency Services Insurance Program can help your organization to manage it's risk, allowing you to maximize it's effectiveness.